by z22


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Very lovely

Five stars

Have a wonderful day!

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Can I have it???

UM... WOW!

I want this picture on my wall, something about this painting resonated deeply with me.

I wish you could come and paint a wall sized version! We may be on a computer, but I am positive you are some maestro with a paintbrush or somebody with a life size ticket to anywhere they want in the computer graphic movie making business.

I see you left for a while... please don't do that... LOL! Smile

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Love the way the folds on her shirt turned out. Wicked! Five stars


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It's a real pleasure to see

It's a real pleasure to see you are back, with a wonderful painted girl! I hope we will see much more paintings from yours! I am very glad about it!

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Hi guys!!I am back!

Thanks my friends.For some unbeknown reason,I left here for a while...now I am happy to back here to share joy ,see you around!

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great draw

great draw Smile

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This is really awesome!!!!!! She's look like so real... Laughing out loud

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Hey Z22!

Good to see you're back!

Greets from Hamburg

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^^ the legand came back!!!

heyy z22! we missed you Laughing out loud yay! and you came back with your perfect drawing.. ^^

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Very Beautiful draw... She is lovely...I really enjoy all of your art and it looks like so does everyone else, Smile Wink so nice to see more from you. Smile Five stars