by z22


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my gosh!

truly you have an extra ordinary talent:D truly you do

je t'aime

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That is an amazing picture! Really nice! Keep drawing!

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this drawling inspired me to drawl my beautiful city picture thank you ^-^

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I love watching this come

I love watching this come from vague amorphous forms to crystalline, dark, gritty realism. Beautifully done.

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0_0 * Ive just paused your

0_0 * Ive just paused your drawing cause i wanted to say how incredible it is to watch you draw! you just keep adding more and more detail..i keep thinking wow that looks good just the way it is but you keep making it better as i watch....AMAZING

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so cool,,, really

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I think your that author on a drawing book i've seen..

or you just draw very alike. Drawing futuristic and robotic gadjets and stuff..

anyway Great Draw!!!


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Lovely! Awesome, I havent seen anything like this on Queeky. Oh and I hope this isnt our future. Five stars! xD

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our future might be like this one day, but then in that present time, our future will not end, it will renew, and we will live where only peace and happiness reine, its very difficult to understand now, but in my heart theres a feeling that one must overcome pain and tragedy before unlocking peace. its just like opening a locked door, you must endure the journey of finding the key before your reward. to me this link is proof.


look at the art, especially the first one of age 10

a new world id coming

by the way awesome picture, i love the lighting and mood. great draw 100 stars if it was possible,lol Big smile

Touch the stars, and the planets too..

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Love it!

I love the way you paint, i have seen allyour work and its always very impressive. Your pictures always have this feeling in them, they tell a true story and are very atmospheric. I really love your work!



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