by z22


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Oh wow ... definitely one of the best i have seen on Queeky Innocent

5 Stars

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holy cow!!

this is amazing!! i dont have nearly enough skill or patience to draw a picture this good i love it Smile Five stars

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This is better thean my drawings! Shock

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long time ago...very

long time ago...very impressive...godlike SmileInnocent

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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A masterpiece

What a cool draw....love the way you have yoused the light in the background.... gives a nice sense of distance....and the black gives atmosphere to this very interesting subject....interesting that you have 2011 as a your title and not 2012 as the year of destruction which has been predicted by the Mayan calender....still!.... a brilliant draw!....five stars for you.

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dark scene ...

...but a pleasure to watch.

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What a future! You've made a

What a future! You've made a great job on this sombre picture of our cities. Please let us a little bit hope!

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Absolutely Incredible works .. 5 stars

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Great job Smile

Five stars for you my friend Five stars

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