by z22

2012 JAN

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This is fantastic, very dark

This is fantastic, very dark and thought provoking. Hopefully not a vision of the future! Smile

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where we come from is where

where we come from is where we will go...: )

guyverunit's picture
amazing work...you think 2012

amazing work...you think 2012 is the revolutionary year ??

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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2012 Jan

Amazing works. 5 stars

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Awsome, impressive!

Awsome, impressive!

marilens's picture

Very futuristic like many of your drawings.. I like this, wonderful imagination and details...Wonderful draw. Smile Five stars

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awesome, this is such a wonderful draw, 100 stars again, lol

Touch the stars, and the planets too..