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So cool.

Very creative design of the robot. Oh! on the head is adjustable. I can't imagine myself design one of this robotic things. Great work.

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this is another amazing peice!

i love your art work and whats all this fuss about this being low rated? thats insane all your art you have done every singal one i would rate infinity but unfortunatly it only goes up to 10 damn it!

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thats a self portrait rite?becuase thats the only way u could possably draw this good.10 for sure

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Agreed with Ph, I can't believe this hasn't got a 10, especially if you look at what kind of pictures do sometimes. Anyway, great job! The colours look very real Smile

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i cannot understand why some people rate this low!

fantastic detail and great phantasy!

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very nice pic.excellent details.

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mint i wish i could do that