26 Mar

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Awesome action!

Super cool fast action. Awww this sport makes something explode. A little creepy sport, ma bro, which is great. Big smile

So I have a chance to see man's muscles in this drawing. Yayyyy!! Party Great body. It would be too much to ask, if I ask for a completely nude man from you. Hahahaha ...Alright alright I'm shut up. Oups

The colors on the muscles are so beautiful. I like how you did with just the brush. The colors blended so gorgeous, even when the pink is near the green. And beautiful clothes drawing, too.

The man with glasses! He's a yesterday's man. Big smile

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But why with glasses is a yesterday's man? That's not very nice, my friend.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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So good!

You're so good at showing motion in your drawings. Five stars