26.10 halloween

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Great piece as usual and funny too.

Have a wonderful day!

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i love his pumpkin crown!! what a very creative drawing Smile

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Really Cute one! :)

You color awesomely great! Five stars

What happened happened.

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A very nice Halloween drawing, he is happy wearing his pumpkin crown but that little devil he is packing behind him doesn't look too happy =-) I like all of the little details and his expression, Really cute pppman Smile Five stars

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I love his face expression very much..very cool of him. Cute pumpkin hat with a crown and a candle. And his pet....hahaha.......5

Welcome back. It was a great fight with window7, wasn't it? Laughing out loud

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I still not get use to those user friendly features in Window7, so yes, it IS a great fight. Xp is the best.

Glad to be back and thanks for your support. See your works lately, can see your skill level is rising up. Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Great Halloween drawing ...

... and good to see you are back up and drawing with your new computer.

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