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wow this is amazing!

wow this is amazing!

♥ DaQ ♥

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Nice study.

Is good to know the bones under skin Wink

Five stars


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Totally agree They should

Totally agree Smile They should have a thums up button on queeky (like for messages) /presses the invisable thums up/

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CREEPY LONG "FACE", HA, HA.. AND STILL SEEN LIGHTENED UP LIGHT IN THE EYE! Big smile WELL DONE, MANY STARS! Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ..

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Lovely skull.

Like it is saying "Hi" Big smile But this skull must be kind of stinky because it is still so fresh. The blood must be left in the porosity of the bone til it is so lovely pink color like this.

Great skull. I love how it looks so solid with that shininess at the forehead. And it looks so brittle with that little dot at the jaws. I feel like I'm touching it. So, I guess internal organs are the next target of your drawing. Big smile ..... Just a guess.

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I'll think about your suggestion. Crazy

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.