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Great draw:) They say when

Great draw:) They say when you can draw a dragon you can draw almost any animal...

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the dragon

pretty good, I'm not your art teacher, so.... If I was, I would suggest zooming in and adding more detail. Try cleaning up the lines some more and really make it stand out. Then, you can have a A. But the A don't matter, what will matter is that you will have a drawing you can really impress your freinds with that you did yourself.


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Thanks for your tips,really,you're right about that.I usually make the same mistake in this tipe of drawing xD

The next time,i try to get the lines more cleaner,thanks Smile

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great draw

great draw nice details 5 stars luv it!

why so serious-Heath Ledger the joker

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Great dragon

Great dragon Love

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