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yeah allen walker


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one of my old work. Smile

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OMG! that was so great! you

OMG! that was so great! you are reallly~~ talented!! :Cool Shock

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Thats so good, i really like

Thats so good, i really like it Laughing out loud

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this Picture of allen is awesome! it totally looks just like 'im! Laughing out loud

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no ... is allen walker XD

no ... is allen walker XD

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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Yeh, he looks a lil like sasuke from naruto,.... i dnk why he remind me of him

but awsome work love it Laughing out loud

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Oh wow!

Such a cool looking character. The way you've drawn it makes the character seem like it's got an interesting life! I think it's facial expression is very intriguing. The colours are great too Smile

zawa bawa bow bawa

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I love this show. Five stars Wink

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