by KO

50s beach Pinup

“Just listening to this awesome song, and couldnt seem to draw anything, kinda feelin bleh, so I only worked on this for a few minutes. I used a reference for it, but I like it , probably only cause its vintage..and that pretty much makes it awesome, XD So yeh, reference used NOT traced, image was open besides the Queeky application, I originally had a caption on this, but I decided I wouldnt , so now it looks kind of bare to me, ^__^ lol, enjoy.”
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Nice, good texture

Nice, good texture Wink

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Thank you Laughing out loud


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...I'm K.O.! Big smile Five stars ...


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Thank you, lol, XDD


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Wow I really like this one!

At first I didn't think it was yours because she has clothes on, ha! ha! no seriously this is really great. It really has that 50's feel to it. What was the caption you had on it? Love Five stars Five stars

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lol Giselle..

The caption was "why smile?" I had it all yellow, than those fuzzy dark airbrushed in words, It wasn't supposed to be 'creepy' just abstract, weird, but I got advice from a friend, that this look was better, personally I think its pretty pointless now, lol XD Just kind of too sketchy to be by itself ;P

Thank you, I'll make sure to dedicate my next nude to you Wink


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Kute is right

and she's hot...


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XD Thank you, I'm glad you like


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me too

, obviously lol XD I've always been completely in love with the 50s Laughing out loud Thank you