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new fb page

I don't like facebook (because of data security matters), but I like your new facebook page!

Keep 'em coming ...

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That's terrifying!

Security problem! How about "Blogger"?

We don't know what Fb is going to do next.

Did I just advertise my page? Haha..I hope you don't mind. Tongue

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Of course I do mind. That's why I liked it Wink

No clue if Blogger is better ... but I can say that on QUEEKY your data is NOT being misused!

(Hope you don't mind if I advertise for Queeky Davie )

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Of course.

Queeky is the best online drawing tools and data security I have ever experienced. Smile

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Hi everyone.

Please check out my page, too.


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Rule of the machine:

the chickens look like they are in awe of the cyborg

- Three stars Four stars

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Cyborgs are around us.

Maybe they are watching us silently. Steve

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A gift for your child?

Some rock n roll may help sleeping Big smile Beer

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Rock n' roll...

And hiphop, too. Glad you are still around. Cool

Hey I started a page on Facebook. You are welcome to take a look.


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great idea, you could call it "cyborchicken" Smile

I would not recommend to eat them or their eggs.