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I think this is a photo and you uploaded it lol!

I still can't believe this is a draw!

welcome to queeky and do more and more art.

Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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This is a very impressive and beautiful draw! Cant wait for your next work of art! Smile

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From the thumb I thought it was a photo.

I love it. So realistic!

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Welcome to Queeky! For some reason I couldn't get the large picture to load but it may be that I need to restart my computer. I will come back and comment correctly on your draw when I can. Welcome though and would love to see more art from you very soon.

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Welcome to queeky. This is really amazing! And Thanks for sharing your experience!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Cool drawing, five of course Five stars

I tried to replicate the problem with saving and reloading after using the airbrush, but for me it works fine ...

Did you try clearing the browser cache before reloading your saved drawing?

Maybe it is just a cache problem ...

What browser and system (win/mac) do you use?

tip: a good way to work on a drawing over some days or weeks is using the autosave feature to locally save your drawing to your computer. using this feature you can even work on your art if you are offline or not logged in yet.

If the problem persists, please PM me and describe the problem in detail that l can try to fix it.

Queeky admin

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I am on Windows XP. For the

I am on Windows XP. For the first half of the painting I used Firefox 3.5.3, I got this error around 3 times during that first half, I figured something might have been going wrong when it compiled and uploaded the code (while saving online) since Firefox can be a little too cumbersome for certain things, so I moved to Google Chrome 3.0, and after moving to Chrome I discovered the "autosave" checkbox and started saving offline, I didn't get any errors after that.

But, I also preferred not to risk it so I stopped using the airbrush tool by then, so I wouldn't be able to tell you where the error was exactly. I'm guessing it has to be somewhere around using the airbrush while saving online when the painting is at a heavy stage... While having a heavily loaded cache...

Hope that helps.. Smile

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One year later and you still remember! Cool!

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Absolutely Perfect, WOW

Welcome to Queeky... this is a Gorgeous drawing. It's too bad that you had problems with saving and losing some of your work at times I know that can be frustrating but this turned out great, you are obviously a very good artist, Very nice, looks itself just like a photo. Smile Five stars Five stars