A big pear

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inviting forms

warm colors

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Thank you very much, draga

Thank you very much, draga Anisoara!

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Its done Poliesteana....hope

Its done Poliesteana....hope you like

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Very nice Ploesteana..it

Very nice Ploesteana..it looks as if it were done in oils. I always look at a painting and imagine it framed, this would be beautiful in a frame.*****

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Good Morning, dear Chr! As

Good Morning, dear Chr!

As usual you're enjoying me with your comments and good words! Thank you very much! Of course, you can put my "Pear" into a frame, please, do it!

Have a good time there, without rains or cold weather!

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GM Ploiesteana ... I'll see

GM Ploiesteana ... I'll see what I can do and I'll post it in that other place beside your other painting Smile