A biker

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A biker

What a great expression she has....love the design of the helmet so colourful and beautifully detailed...the bird, monster and flower such a great design for bikers out there! Fantastic draw. Five stars

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i love his cute profile! you

i love his cute profile! you have a wicked coloring technique, and i like how you created an original helmet out of the shapes!

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I love all the beautiful

I love all the beautiful details on the helmet and her expression.

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buddha anime very special guy thx to you

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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A biker

Such perfection on your details and great colors. I love the helmet and great expression. Wonderful as usual pppman Smile Five stars

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Wow, great colours!

This looks a bit like a mixture of Koji Morimoto and Tatsuyuki Tanaka. Smile

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Flower eyes, hehehe...

Great drawing, my friend! FIVE! Five stars


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She's got the stern look of one! Her helmet looks kind of asian-like to me, it's cool and colorful (for a biker) Big smile

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