A clock.

“Just a clock. I dont like the numbers, well, i dont like anything. I can do it better :(:(:(”
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Esta muy bien logrado

el diseño de las agujas y los efectos dorados Five stars

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I like It! I know you can be

I like It! I know you can be your worst critic, as I am with myself. But if you walk away and come back to it you can see it through new eyes. It helps emensly. I love this drawing, yeah the numbers are slightly misplaced but the over all picuture is amazing! Way to go!!!!


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It's great already.

I like the texture and its glossy. And i think it's a good thing to try to critique your own work as you have already did. Smile

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I think its Great!

Nice job. So was that A.M. or P.M.? Maybe you Can do better as you say, however this one has great merit.

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