by pgw

A cup of tea please

“He ask for a lump of sugar, - can you hand me a lump of sugar pliiiise? - yes my dear, I can. - Oh, thank you. That is kind. -Please can you also hand a piece of ham, pliiise? - Yes, no problem. Here it is. - Oh, thank you, that was kind of you. - No problem. No problem. - Oh, ham really tastes good in the morning. It tastes so ...kind of, fresh. I really like it. -That is good! I am gklad you like it. Me, my self, you know what I prefer? -No? - I prefer just to have a simple slice of bread, with goat butter, some salt on top of that, and , listen carfully now, one, or one and a half slice of paprika. - Really? - Yes. - But, you have never told me before? - no I have not, but on the other side, you never look, either. I mean, if you really had LOOKED, then you would have seen. I have eaten it for six and half year now. - Wow, that is awesome. How could I have missed that. - I do not know . - but you do not always take it, right? No, not always. But all days when I am home, except Sundays, because on Sundays I take Marmelade. - Really? Wow, that is interesting. Where do you get all your ideas from? I always thought you were eating cheese. -No, I never eat cheese. I am allergical to cheese. And all milk products. - Oj oj, then you should eat something else! - Yes, I know. I cant breath proprely otherwise. That is why I eat Paprika instaed. And Marmelade. - Ok, I see. That is really interesting. I hope I will not be allergical. I mean, I anyway only eat Ham on my sandwich, except from Mondays when I am opens the shop, it is included to get breakfast then, for the person that opens the shops in the mornings. My day is Mondays, everyy third week, since my boss, has to leave his dauhter to the kindergarten, that day. His earlier wife has yoga on Mondays, so he has to take care of the kid that day, I mean, to leve her at the kindergarten. In the morning I get breakfast, we can choose between yoghurt , tea, coffee, and german Schanappenbrot (bread), and cucumber and marmelade. and cheese. I do not eat marmelade, so I take cheese, with cucumber on it. It it a good combination. My boss is german, he was born in germany, but moved where when he was studying. Then he married a quite nice woman from Norway. But then they separated, I mean, they do not live together any more. And she lives now with an other Castillian guy, Mr Lombroso, he is originally from Italy, therefore his name, but he speaks spanish. Anyway, the languages are pretty similar, I think.”
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