A Happy New Year, A Happy 2011!

“I wish you all health, happiness, joy , love and only good things! A good New Year for all of you!”
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A snowy New Year wish

I love the colors, so cheery and bright. This is a very nice New Year drawing. May yours be truly blessed, full of many dreams come true. Smile Five stars

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So colorful!

So much joy with the color and stars here. Happy new year for you too, ploiesteana. You're one of the great artist here. And also one of my favorite artist. :>

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Thank you from the bottom of

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words! I think there are many, many very good artists on this site, You are one of the best, you have a very sure hand, you have the "nose" for the expression, I like your generous strokes, You have a very good gallery. I am sure soon you will be in the first row of the best artists here! Thank you again, my friend!

Have a fantastic night and come happy into the new year!


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I love...

the way you use the color in your painting. I wish I could do it like that, to use the color, knock the color and stuffs. It's great to be here. You guys are great. Laughing out loud