by pgw

A house, again

“This is an other house. It is located close to the sea, where a person lives. Anna Brun. She loveds her house. Whe lives there with her dog, A, it is a nice dog. Heis fast, and efficient. She is also fast, and efficient, they cooperate very well together.The house is 120 sqm, has a simple construction in light concrete. It is a nice house. Containing a kitchen, a living room, a little library, 2 bed rooms, bathroom, wardrobe, place for working, fireplace and it even has a outside kitchen and tables. It is a house for permanent living, but has the character of summer house. it is located by the sea, did I tell that? What I can say, is that it is amazing. On the top of it, it has an other house, a couple of hundred meters from this, where she has a studio, with concrete floor, many windows, a workshop. She can basically do everything she wants there, paint, write, build models in large size, have lectures, inside and outside. And it works also as a smaller convention place for cutting edge art design and architecture. Over the hills, cliffs and field, you see the sea, and forests far far away, and the landscape is very open. You should go there, definitelly.”
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FROM THIS ABSTRACT CAN FEEL FOR SURE AN OPEN PLENTY SPACE, AND A LOT SPACE FOR IMAGINATION TOO! Wink Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ...