A June Story...

“Only one way to find out :)”
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press play

for a bit of weirdness. Nice work hellco

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Ah, so I see you've never

Ah, so I see you've never taken hallucinogens before.. perhaps you should give it a shot next time opportunity presents itself ?

Stay away from the synthetic kind, like LSD, and instead focus on the more natural options. It says there on your profile you're from the US, so you might have some shroomies, Salvia might be legal in yo state, or the ever-wonderful Bufo Alvarius toad might be obtainable in your area. Or better yet, just the "ooze" from it. Ah what I wouldn't give for some toad ooze right now Smile

But unfortunately they don't grow where I live.

Also the Native American Church can legally handle and use Peyote, and therein lies the Mescaline, which I hear will fly fly fly with you, quite high, and teach you songs and shapes and patterns, and colors unseen Smile

... oh and on an unrelated note - it has been brought to my attention that there were actually 4 dudes in the car Tongue

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Ah, so you see

so you say ...but who needs hallucinogens when they can watch your drawing? lol