by Hue

A lady!

“2-3 hours ,used reference,very unlike it,though! feel free to critique,ill appreciate it,any tips are more than welcome”
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"True art endures the ages... beauty everlasting" - Sasori

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@ Wungu

Thanks a ton Wungu for your attention,I didn't quite know how to do that highlights so that it wouldn't look too blended,so I went for the pencil,but later found it a bit too much so toned it down with little airbrushing..I feel like your tip will help me big time.

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Great shading/lighting and

Great shading/lighting and hair Five stars Five stars

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AND ALL THAT MADE IN BLACK-WHITE! ALSO VERY PRETTY LADY. Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ... Smile

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Lovely tones ...

... for shadow and light. and lovely feathery brows. Pretty girl.

Brush tip: I think you used the pencil to make individual marks for the highlights under her eyes - which look really good - but this might be easier to control and get the effect: the paintbrush set to the 5 pointed star, size 2px and opacity down to around 40% then tick or untick the "strong" box - you can make a stroke which will actually be a series of tiny little stars - makes great highlights and easier to control than individual pencil marks. Experiment with the speed you make the stroke and the stars will be closer or mare spaced apart.

You asked for critique so - one thing just to be aware of - her eyes tell me she is looking directly at me whereas her mouth, left cheek and nose make me think she is turned slightly to her right - it's a tiny detail but looking closely it causes confusion. Moving her right eye in a little to the bridge of her nose I think would fix that

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Nice shading.

Looks realistic. Smile