A Laugh

“A photo reference from deviantART by `rhapsouldize”
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This makes me think...

...it's as if a spell had captured the time, the essence of this girl in a mirror. It's enchanting. Thanks for doing it, it made my day Shock

Yay for Randomness!
...'cause random people will conquer the world.

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great expression Smile

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Sweet. This looks like my 5

Sweet. This looks like my 5 year old cusine when she laughs. Its really funny to hear laugh. nice job hunny.

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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really great

really great Smile

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How catching is this laugh! I

How catching is this laugh! I must laugh too, she is a real present for all of us, especially now, when the sun is so rare! Thank you!

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wow perfect golden ratio Laughing out loud Five stars really nice colours and emotion..

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This is lovely.

This is lovely. Five stars Laughing out loud

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A laugh

A wonderful portrait...what a beautiful happy smiling face, makes me smile too! Big smile Fabulous work pppman. 5 stars

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this is awesome

looks like an oil painting, a great one...

well done again pppman

cheers Beer

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.