A lonely tulip

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I'll keep it company Julia in

I'll keep it company Julia in that fantastic blue!!! xoxoxo Smile Laughing out loud Party

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A blue like yours, I am glad

A blue like yours, I am glad you like my broken tulip!

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can identify with this lonely little tulip at one time or another in their lives. I love the beautiful way you do the actual flower, the colors. Beautiful work Julia as usual Smile Five stars

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Thank you, dear Marilyn!Maybe

Thank you, dear Marilyn!Maybe the tulip is a little bit broken and alone, but it's still living and enjoying the others with its inner power, am I right, my dear?

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I feel sorry

for tulip Sad ...but love the colour combination. Smile Five stars Five stars Five stars

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Thanks a lot, dear

Thanks a lot, dear Mannamanna! A lovely and sensitive comment!

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Looks so sad!

But I love the color profile on the petal. It looks glow. Laughing out loud

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Dear Ha55ha, many,many thanks

Dear Ha55ha, many,many thanks for your warm support!