A Rose of a Different Color

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Great touch,excellent depth

I have no idea how I missed this...anyway its awesome..almost tactile. I could eat it. I don't know , are roses good?

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I am into

herbal teas - and rosehip tea is an amazing and health-giving fruit. I have also tried rose petals - and they are quite interesting, subtle and delicate. Thank you for your comment!

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perfect Love


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you lanttiakka

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Agree with ha55ha

Wonderful job on the delicate petals, betty! Love the peach, pink and yellow hues... Love Big smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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Thank you


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Very beautiful.

Agree with every comments. I like how you precisely draw the edge of the petals. Great one.

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Thank you ha55ha

Roses are beautiful.......... Laughing out loud

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I can just touch its petals

I can just touch its petals as if ... Superb rendering, betty Glasses Glasses Glasses Glasses Glasses

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