The Queeky Tree

“Here's a little token of my appreciation for all your kind, generous comments and votes...^_^ HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY...& A HAPPY NEW YEAR, TOO! \0/”
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MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!!! What a fantastic tree!!!!!! A wonderment!! Smile Laughing out loud

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cool idea

and gr8 draw!

Five stars and merry christmas to you all!!


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What a great idea.. I love

What a great idea.. I love it! this should become our logo through the holiday season

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Merry Christmas for the

Merry Christmas for the enlightenment to everyone.

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Just wonderful, a great idea

Just wonderful, a great idea and beautiful colours, bright and cheerful! Merry Christmas to you, to your family, a very good New Year! And many, many very beautiful paintings on this site!

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Thank you ploiesteana!

You're right about the many, many beautiful paintings here...Bless PH for being a genius and inventing Queeky! A Very Merry Christmas! Love Santa

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you have amazing talent i bet you can do the monalisa <-- dont know how to spell, and also the scream those amazing painting drawing is your life and it always will be you have a talent that many people wish they had i love how you use it and express it Smile

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Thank you very, very much, lesley...that just made my day! Appreciate it very much! Love Love Love

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Very cute.

I'm gonna grab all of those things on the christmas tree. Laughing out loud

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Thanks ha55ha

No, no, no! Don't be greedy! Leave some for the other kids!... Big smile

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