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I love your artwork. I don't

I love your artwork. I don't know if you take suggestions or anything like that but I would be ever so happy if you could make one of these drawings but with Howl Pendragon. It would be AMAZING to see your art style on him, and maybe it might give you some work to do because some people WAIT forever to get a request. I don't know, but you may or may not be like this. Anyway, I would be so honered and happy if you could make a skit, or even a drawing with Howl pendragon. Please and thank you. :3 5 stars again!

Hi! My name is Ollie and I love Cats to the very end!!! Cat songs are my favorite!!! I also like anime more than I can say! Anime is amazing!!!!! All of you who say anime is terrible should eat some dirt!!!!! I also am in and support the LGBTQ+ community.

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this is epic

teehee *pees*