Ace of Spades

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the ace of spades

nice job on the draw i wish i could draw taht well

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wooww. When i first saw this

wooww. When i first saw this i thought it was just a regualr card but then i saw got a closer look (not that i ned one) the guy with the gun almost popped out at me. Fantastic draw.

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oh very nice great work 5

oh very nice great work Smile 5 stars

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Love this also!

Love this also!

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Hands up! Convincing draw!

Hands up! Convincing draw!

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ace of spades

Stand and deliver! ...another great entry for the comp Kute! 5 stars

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He jumps right out at you, nicely done. Five stars Smile

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he says:

"Give me the prize!" Smile

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The Ace of Spades

~~~...very nice...^__^...~~~