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“In the distance future, and about a centi. era.. Nothing else is left, but a sentient being lived in the technology. Cyborg.. Human last remnant of energy. With the highest wisdom and passion.. The perspective of the unknown period of epilogue.”
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1 Variation


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Story of Aeon-xal

Sorry guys,

You can imagine it.. the scenic grandeur.

This view can be described as "huge giant manger with a large hole in the roof caused by the collapse of a thing" and maybe "the view that a lot of rain clouds inland population development"

You may confused about it. ..

Story of the Aeon-xal.

The original view is the large hole of huge giant manger.. inside have a technology building or something.

The cyborg lived in that manger.

The human generation with highest wisdom that create this manger when final doomsday advent..

outside there is the collapse of the planet/galaxies.

Then, because of the huge collapse and sulfur plasma (Toxic).. the acid stream drops in infinite day.

That's why the human can no longer to survive except the cyborg.

There is still human being in the manger but it's been recovered inside the cover containing pure water contained oxsigen.

Nothing else is left, except a little few human.

The human await for their demise.. and the cyborg feel grieved and lived alone with other cyborg.

Cyborg create their race.. the cyborg will die if they been crushed by something or explode.

They live for creating a technology and searching for human as their god.

The cyborg need to create the timemachine for searching the human creature and event an animal or other sentient being.. after a timemachine creations and searching the human they've discovered a new philosophy called dimensional of the blackhole.

That they can change all living future.

And now the human saw the cyborg.. but they called it as alien being.

And the technology of the cyborg been saying as unidentified technology..

because of the experience searching for human and "time warp" .. and so this is the epilogue story scene.. nothing less as a miracle.

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The soul never thinks without a mental picture.

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You're right Aeonxal. I have been using an old crt monitor that is not as bright as it once was. So when I look at my work on other peoples computers, my pictures look to me awful. At least not as I intended for them to be. The colors are off and too purple and red. On my panda for example ..I see it as black ( his arms). However on other s screens , Its very garish and red. That explains some of the comments I got about the colors I used.Oh well. Time for a new monitor. Your picture is nicely done.

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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Oh noes.

From my computer graphic color is dark..

but when i lightening the contrast and brightness it's change to ugly .. Sad not original because i change the contrast in the tool.


don't use dark screen.. when you wanna draw something.