After The Rain

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To Everyone who commented on this!

Thank you all so much! I never thought this rose would get this many comments. Truly amazed me you guys and surely makes me smile. I love flowers and they are my favorite thing in the world to draw. If I didn't draw another thing in life I would still be a very happy artist. LOL Hugs to you all! Love Laughing out loud

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rose is soooo amazing

i really really like your drawing, it's so realistic.;D gorgeus.;]

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Have a wonderful day!

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Incredibly real!

Five stars Five stars


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It looks so real

the delicate petals, the shades,the perfect.. Five stars Five stars Five starsa Fav. Now, I have a request..I adore yellow always reminds me with zabaglione ice cream, and when I see yellow roses the first thing I'd like to do is: lick its petals LOL.I never did by the way...It sounds crazy I know..but if you could do it....


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Yellow Rose...

for you Danila...anything! Do you know that rose petals are eatable? You could lick, or eat the petals and it would taste as good as it looks. I have sugared rose petals for cakes before, beautiful and tasty. I will find a great yellow rose reference picture and start when I return home from business. Thank you for your sweet comment and rating too! Love

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Dear you make me

so so happy..Waiting for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love I know of course about eating roses petals, in Italy we use them in jam, and for real cooking, I coocked many times RISOTTO alle Rose, which is our way to cook rice ,creamy, with white sparkling wine ,and :roses' Petals.. it's very delicate !!!!!!!!


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Five stars Awesome Draw! Very beautiful.

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Woh! this is absolutely amazing Smile

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