All I want for Christmas...

“is a little kitty but somehow I dont think I will get one :(”
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animal draw Smile

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so cute

and very well done! Fantastic draw and FIVE : )))

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really sweet. M next door neighbors just got a cat called Tom. Wish i could see him, however the fact that i have a greyhound isn't going to help, in fact it would hurt more then help. Bd idea to take her round to their house. Any way this is really good.

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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Well done

OOOOH it`s so sweet!!! Nice draw... Smile Smile

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Adorable, so cute, so fine, a

Adorable, so cute, so fine, a sweet, sweet little cat! Wonderful done!

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All I want for Christmas

What a beautiful Christmas present this adorable little kitten would be. Aww he looks so sad...he needs a new home right now and lots of cuddles! Smile 5 stars

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@ w @

awwwww its sooo cute!!!