“Its been a long time since I've done this stuff. I may finish it later. Though i need help on the background. I will open up if anyone wants to variate. Happy Febuary everyone!”
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CUTE! AND LIKE DAISYS IN THE HAIR, NICE BLOUSE! Wink Five stars Five stars Five stars

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I love the hair

Very nice Five stars fave.

Have a nice day Trixy Cool

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Great Pic

Great Pic Big smile

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Someone to help! Umm.. At first i wanted to add clock gears around her but then I about a forest! Trees and faries added in. Then I got another idea. How about a full moon behind her, with dark trees and mysterious things around! The possiblities are endless! Do anyone you want! Make your own idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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White blouse?

Do you want her blouse to remain white? Was wondering if I can add color to it? If you want it white that is cool too. Had to ask before starting on it though. Laughing out loud

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Of course!

add smiley faces everywhere if you so desire! When I was doing here blouse I had wanted to make it kind of transperent so that you could only see the form of the girl's body. But i didn't know how. But do what you think is best!

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ok cool...

when doing transparent things this is what I draw the body on one layer underneath of the blouse then with your paintbrush/airbrush or pen you lower your opacity and then color the blouse. That way the form under it shows through. It's a little tricky sometimes though because if you use the smudge on top of that it causes the material to be solid and you lose your opacity. Fun though, you should try it.

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well I will try. I am not too good at doing pictures without a reference but will give it a try. Might take a bit though. Yeah, if you want as soon as you read this comment you can go ahead and close it up if you don't want anyone else to work on it. I will have already opened it up and saved it to my unpublished files.

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Very pretty...

what do you want done with the background? I could possibly help out. You'd have to let me know what you want done with it though. Very pretty picture.