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Very pretty...

I seen this before it was finished and I thought it was awesome then, now it's really a great drawing. Smile

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Smile Five stars YOUR ART IS AMAZING!

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Very pretty...

and quite realistic! I also am a huge fan of yours Vlad and am glad to see more of your work!

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Thank you so much!

Hi, long time without painting, this technique is very time consuming, actually im painting a new portrait... Thanks for your comments :Cool

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After a long pause you come

After a long pause you come with this wonderful portrait! A great sinn for the texture...lovely and expressive face...

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:Cool I love your comments, thanks for always watch my work!

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Beautiful girl.

Beautifully draw as usual.

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Love Thanks! long time without usual... Big smile

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Gorgeous work!

Gorgeous work!

Just do your best.