Aly The Bubble Girl

“Aly is an artist, and she also draws here at Queeky.”
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oohhh love it :)

really love it!! thanks Kute!!

Sheru's picture
It's really nice

The bubble is so realistic, and the eyes are too.

Lol hi I am Sheru! Don't call me Hey call meh Sheru!

selva's picture

One of your best, the colors and shapes fit together to make an interesting composition and portrait. Very Nice. Smile

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Great job

She'll be happy for sure!!! Smile 5 stars

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great pose

and great draw! thanks for sharing Aly and Susie! Smile

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Thanks Hakan!

Aly is also an artist here but she has not drawn anything at Queeky in a long time. She is a friend of mine on Facebook and she had this as her profile picture for a while. Anytime I see a picture that is different and unique I save it for future reference to draw. I surprised her last night when I sent this to her. I am hoping it brings her back to Queeky. I appreciate all of your kind words Hakan, you have always been a great friend! Laughing out loud

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It's so amazing!!!

As usual, well done! I love this drawing! Five stars

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Thanks jamminjessee...

a while back I asked pppman a question about the settings he used and I followed his direction on those for this picture. I do think it made a big difference. Thanks for your comment, you are quick! LOL You know I appreciate your comments and ratings on my work. Laughing out loud

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did it good. Wink cause you are good.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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nice to see, ive been looking

nice to see, ive been looking for that sketchy skin effect, also the blue in the back is good.

That might sound strange the blue, but i become to notice that creating 'natural' looking paterns is complex here.

Like the fur of a tiker or squirel, or the patern of waves, if you use pen and paper; one normally uses pressure on the pen to get patern variations.

but since that isnt possible here its lot try out and see if it works.

how did you get the effect ?

and let me give you some stars too Smile