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Me encanta

Smile Un retrato excelente. Enhorabuena

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Wow. You are amazing. I love

Wow. You are amazing. I love it!

(l l)
(o o)
( )

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..perfect portrait of her. The Lips are great!!!

greez cori

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An artist

Yes! instantly I see Avril Lavigne...a very expressive face, lovely eyes. This is such a Fantastic portrait of her pppman... Five stars

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done, great job on her eyes and I really like the colors you used in this draw. great tech. Smile Five stars

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love it

5 stars!! EXCELLENT WORK i <3 Avril Lavigne ^_^

<3 DeStRuCtIvE Tongue

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is it avril lavigne i think

is it avril lavigne i think it is and i love it the expression on this surpasses all of my work by any measurment

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Beautiful job!

I like the expression and eyes!

Five stars

Have a nice day my friend!

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have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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This is a portrait of Avril Lavigne. When I finished it, maybe the color, Puzzled I'm not quite sure she is Avril Lavigne. So I named it "an artist" Stare . But seems I maybe wrong Tongue , some of you can tell who she is, really happy! Big smile

Thanks for all the comments, my friends. Laughing out loud

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