And now tell me...

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... ai fost cuminte Julia?

...Sarbatori fericite, draga mea! Mosul sa vina cu sacul plin, pe langa daruri sa-ti aduca multa sanatate, fericire, belsug in casa si pe cei dragi intotdeauna langa tine!

ps. ai o galerie superba, mult spor in continuare!...multi pupici

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I have been a very good girl this year. Will you bring me paints and canvases for Christmas? LOL This is so lovely, and it brings back so many childhood memories of visiting Santa just before Christmas.

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and now tell me...

..have you been good or naughty! lot's of children everywhere I'm sure will be saying they have been very 'good' Smile What a wonderful Santa he is, such a kind face...he looks so real, love his glasses and the way this cute little girl looks so lovingly at Santa. Wonderful draw Julia. Five stars

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Great job

and expressions! Smile FIVE

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great! Smile