Angel Fighter

“An angel fighter! Woo! Done during class...shh...”
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angel fighter

beautiful work, amazing draw. 10

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Thank you

Thank you very much both of you! Yeah I draw alot during class, but I'm an artist I can't help it =D Hopefully I can do a picture over the weekend where I spend more then 1.5-2 hours on it!

"This is the one life we know we have. I can't be complacent about the world I live in. It's important to me to use art in a manner that incites people to look and then carry something home - even if it's subliminal - that might make a change in them.

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remind me my school life

My books is full of drawings, too. Look forward to see your work while you are concentrate on your drawing. Nice stuff!!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.