Angel Graffiti

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wow i love it..the wings *o*

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Thank you

I did this a long time ago but all my pictures are not in order any more. I don't know what is going on here at Queeky but even my gallery is all messed up. Thanks for the nice comment though

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Five stars Five stars SO BREATHTAKING AND BEAUTIFUL! Smile

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this is really's like a cross between a william blake, the angels in "den enfaldige mordaren", and bill clinton in his youth, somehow metamorphosed ( is that a word?) by your youness really beautiful

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gr8, how do u upload

gr8, how do u upload background photos??

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that is a beautiful angel that you have drawn ! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!Laughing out loud

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Thats wonderful!

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Five stars this is so nice'! i like it! Big smile

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graffiti Susie! I like it! Smile Five stars

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You're really good! o: Great detail on the wings and background, and the whole body and pose is great too!