Angelina Lopez or Jennifer Jolie

“:) Actually I tried to draw Angelina Jolie morphed with Jennifer Lopez, I think they are both gorgeous women and wanted to see what they would look like as one. I hope you like it.”
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Like it

OMG.. it is very nice.. Shock

I love it. Love

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Did you look at a picture for this or just think it up?

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I went to and put both of their faces in and a photo popped up and I used it as a reference for this. Thanks for your comment too. Love

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Thanks everyone!

for your comments and rates on this draw. There is a website you can morph anyones pictures together and you get some really cool results. If you want to check it out go to: It is really fun to play with, why don't one of you go there and morph someone and draw it? It would be a fun exercise for us to see the results. Laughing out loud

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beutiful drawing!

I love both of them and your drawing looks very interesting....nice job! 5 stars Five stars ....!

=^.^= Meow!

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Interesting idea.....looks

Interesting idea.....looks Great Big smile

tamimapple's picture the color the color too

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very pretty

Have a wonderful day!