angels and devils

“i did not copy this from any one else. i am saying that because there are some pics that also have the devil and the angel in it, but this is from my own imagination i listened to the beat of my heart by Hilary Duff but the song does not go very well with the pic. again, this is from my imagination u can even ask Dogluva, she knows i put this on paper before i ever even heard of this website! oh i started drawing jayfeather first but i didnt like him so i erased and started over.”
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Puurrfect Tongue

Would care to i dunno..................GIMME UR PIE XD

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nice where'd u get the idea for the necklaces? they look like blackwind and cyanwind's :3

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i thought of how people are not perfect. so it shows that the angel might not be all good and the devil might not be all bad. it also shows that opposites collide.

Inactive but this website still rocks

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thats awesome

wow you rocked at this picture i love it and its so awesome and wow

I love Warriors!!