by ezd

Another Dimension

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Brilliant work!

Something that you are unable to match!!!!.....and i think your choice of words is uncalled for....this is brilliant work!..... thats what this is!!!!

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Bravo Ernie!

I like your very tasteful comment. I think people here at Queeky should watch their use of words since there are many here that are very young. Besides, even I hate to see comments such as that.

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That's all you can say? Hmmm... This is nothing more than an unfortunate comment and

I hope you're the only person on this site with an attitude like that.

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Another dimension

WOW!! This is totally Amazing! Incredibe super details so perfectly done, so very very Impressive. Excellent works ezd. Five stars

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wow wow wow!!!!..

ezd!!!five!!! you are great artezd!! Smile

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There are no words for this masterpiece...

An Amazing, Beautiful, Unique, Eye-catching MASTERPIECE!

I can't explain it exactly but I got this very nice feeling when I watch this it's insightful...

Thank you for drawing this! definitely the best drawing for queeky I have ever seen yet!

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Thank U

My thanks to each of you for taking the time to watch and comment! : )

But I just reproduced the work of this amazing artist because I thought it interesting, all credit goes to him and I hope he doesn't accuse me of plagiarism, lol.

Thanks again!

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outstanding!just great!

youre a master!great job!

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Number 1.

Congrats EDZ,

this drawing made it to the first place of the highest ranked category (more then 20 votes with average 5 star) in only one day!!

I think this is the first time something like this happened on Queeky Smile

Amazing work,

Five stars