Anybody home?

“Anybody home?”
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Thats Mad kuz

Thats Mad kuz

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Anybody Home

Very nice bear doing what a bear would do....adorable cubs watching . Five stars

Have a wonderful day!

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great draw Smile

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What a lovely, sweet scenery!

What a lovely, sweet scenery! The loving mother looking for a place to sleep this night, it's so cold , even for a polar bear...and the perfect done little iglu is so inviting...Let us enter, children!

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they r very sweet.. lovely and cold brrr Drunk

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Wow I really like this too,

Wow I really like this too, not only is it cute but, you did a very good job. Kind of reminds me of all the snow we had here today where I live. Well done I admire your work.

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Belinda I really love this draw, your details are fantastic and the bears are so well done and cute. I agree with spring but I think that maybe she is looking for a little Eskimo meat for dinner Wink Smile You did a wonderful job on this draw ... Smile Five stars

Thank you for your comments on my bee, I was not going to finish it but after you asked me about it I thought maybe I would so I am glad you liked it, I really liked your bee as you know, I love your style and your drawings, you have a great imagination and talent. Smile

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Anybody home?

This is Fantastic...looks like this wonderful polar bear is just checking to see if theres fish for supper! Smile Five stars