“For my friend Kutedymples (Susie) and lovers of apples. 8 - 9 hours of work. I use the brush, airbrush, etc.. in different layer mode. Have a nice day my friends. Thanks for watch and comment. ”
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amazing,fantastical :)

BREATHTAKING Iove it heaps:)


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One of the most beautiful drawings ever...

I continue to come back and look at this beautiful drawing of apples and porcelain from such a good friend. It is one of the most beautiful drawings ever here at Queeky and probably on the whole internet. I love it Damian, and Love you as well my friend. Thank you!

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This picture is so great, I

This picture is so great, I have looked many times you drawing this and cant believe my eyes. Its so real. You have a great skill. Thank you for sharing this picture.


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I say, this is not true

I say, this is not true its so good


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My Favorite

drawing of yours Damian! Still to this day, I still feel so honored and loved when I look at this. Thank you again my friend!

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THIS IS FABULOUS! OFF THE HOOK! Crown Five stars Five stars

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Are you sure that this is a drawing? GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!! Crown

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I can hardly believe you

I can hardly believe you managed to create such an awesome detailed and realistic drawing on this amaze me! Shock

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This just spellbound!!

This is one of the finest reflection work I have seen on Queeky... truly astounding... realistic to every detail ... ALL STARS!!

Every artist was first an amateur.

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Just wow, unbelievable. I mean, I only drew a dragon, but this! This is just... if there was a poet, he wouldn't know the right words to comment this. Laughing out loud:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D