atepa secies Referance sheet

“The referance sheet for the atepa species. al belongs to me do not steal any idea or make an atepa character without my permission. i will gladly let you make one if you wish. just message me and give me some credit.”
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Make meh one please? :D

HEELLOOO I AM NEW! Sorry, Very excited here. Do you think u could make me one? Their amazing and right now, I have no ideas whatsoever.. Please? Thank you! Amazing idea btw o:

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absoutely! thx!

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absoutely! thx!

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This is

Wow chevele this is amazing ;v;

M.C. Hammer learned the hard way that I can touch this.

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Nice creature!

You have quite an imagination to create that! Can I one day use your creation for a picture? I will variate it a little, and I will put all copy-rights to you.

The soul never thinks without a mental picture.