Athena II Godess of Wisdom and War

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NICE SHAPE AND STRONG METAL "CLOTHING" ALSO SO BEAUTIFUL! Wink Five stars , Five stars , Five stars ..

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Nice Athena

She was a great Goddess - hey, she must be around somewhere still. The metal cladding is gorgeous - so, superb.

Have a wonderful day!

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I like Greek mythology, also Egyptian. I made many drawings in Indian ink. Gods and creatures. maybe later I draw one on the pc.

GReat job, the armor looks great and has very good details. Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

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goregeous, great metal..what you wanted to do....I'm so impressed with your productions in these days, every one is so wonderful, I will comment , but I am so sick, it's hard now! I just watched your drawings and I had to, at least for this one!! Five stars Five stars a fav.Happy new Year!


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Get well Danila!

I am so sorry to hear you are sick. I wish you would get well soon. Thank you so much for your comment especially since you are so sick when making it. My artwork has changed some because my computer monitor was not set right for the longest time and I did not realize it. When I fixed it I looked back on my drawings and seen there were so many things I could not see in my work. Now I am able to see much better so hopefully I am drawing better. Thank you so much again! and hugs to you!!!

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The outfits must be metal. Very cool.

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Very good

Very good Big smile

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Great job! Wonderful! I love

Great job! Wonderful! I love it! Again wonderful! 5 stars faved, and if you have a third could you draw her with a greek helmet, spear and shield? O.O <------------- Puppy Dog eyes, Please!

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No more Athenas for me....

sorry. This one took me way to long to finish and I am really burned out on Athena. But I can look for another reference of some sort with a greek helmet, spear and sheild. Would that be ok? I am really trying to get all of my unfinished drawings done right now but soon after I will try to do the draw. Thanks for the comments and rates too.

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Thanks Wungu...

I hope you have some beautiful Armour picked out for your gallant knight to admire on you. LOL I don't think it will be part of my fashion statement this year. Too constricting for my tastes but I do love gold so who knows. Seems lately commenting on my pictures has went down quite a bit but you never fail to leave the sweetest words for me. I always look forward to your funny and sweet comments. Thanks and big hugs to you!