Auto Retrato

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great ..

great portrait!

Five stars

Queeky admin

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awesome indeed..

wow, great pose too!!


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great autorretrato,amazing

great autorretrato,amazing special drawing style..

""If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found!""

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this is so beautiful.. just..

this is so beautiful.. just.. so awesome. + i wonder is it a self portrait?

i am. and will forever be. JUST ME Smile

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Thank you so much for your comments Laughing out loud and yes, is a Self portrait.

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I think, Demian is right,

I think, Demian is right, this is an ingenious portrait, a wonderful work, there are many things to say watching this face, the lights and shadows, these eyes,full of life and feeling, AWESOME!

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Hi, thanks for your comments, i can say what ive learned a lot making this self-portrait, to know some of my limitations and the tool itself, i hope to have the chance to make better things in the near future. Wink

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I am so glad that you published this. It is awesome work! I really love what you have done the style is really nice too!

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Oh Susan

Thanks Susan, for your help and feedback, my presentation was delayed and my teacher said what she liked it but i need to work so much yet and even harder, i need to express more with a portrait, develop it context and tell a clearer history. Smile