Awww, aint he cute!

“and a great hair do too!”
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cutest pic eva!!!!!!!!!! fav one so far lol not kiddin luv it

Enrique Iglesias <3

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Amazing creation that you have made! I love your creations! They are just so cute and realistic! Keep making your amazing pictures!

~Bring Peace

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Aww Super Cute

Its So Cute!

Hello! Enjoy my drawings!

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This is really adorable, such a sweet draw and well done. Ya beat me to this one grrr ha ha... Smile Five stars

Uh Oh MK, think we are going to have to hold Lulu down ha ha...just teasing of course Lulu...if you weren't here you missed a real ornery jerk who just wanted to upset people for attention. Administration took care of him. Smile

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I love hedgehogs!! They are so cute!!! You did a beautiful job drawing this one and I love it! Good job Susie!

unwrittenlove: what's your problem? I see no person cussing Kute out or saying anything rude.

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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Oh lulu!

There was a rude user a week ago and unwritten was just defending kute... nothing to be alarmed about! Wink

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I see now! Thanks my friends!!!

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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Beautiful job and so sweet!

Hugs atchya' my friend! Laughing out loud

Keep the art flowin' & enjoy your day!

Miss A.

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Do you have any freaking clue what you are saying? You have no clue how to draw and you can't accept great work. Just cause these people are so much better than you doesn't mean you can go around cussing them out and saying their art is horrible. Just admit it. You can't draw and your jealous. Stop pissing everyone off. Leave it alone already.

That's all I have to say about this.

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i want it so badly!! 5/5 cute!

So.... whats to your left?


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