Baby Girl

“My Cousin Gracies Grandbaby Girl”
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Heya :)

Cute, as always... as i said on sumo Smile

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Heya to you too!

Yes, you did say that there didn't you! Thanks for the support no matter where I draw. It means a lot to me. Hey, I have an idea...why don't you enter my Christmas Contest? It would be fun.

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well.... this is great!



its really cute.

GeorgiaMae <3

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Thanks to everyone....

I always appreciate everyones comments. You are all my friends here and you always inspire me to draw lots more. Thanks again! Also make sure you look at the Halloween contest, I am hosting it. I hope lots of people enter!

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Thank You for Welcoming me!

The girl herself is so gorgeous, but the Way you drew her is just...incredible, my God, I'd be all proud if I could improve my skills and draw like you, one day *_*!

5 Stars of course and Favorite!

What happened happened.

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So cute!

I love how you captured her action. Great smile!

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this is so cute i love it

this is so cute i love it Five stars

tbh no

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to all who commented on this one. I was successful in lifting my cousin Graces spirits by doing this. I never expected to get so many comments on it. I thank you all though, they mean a lot to me. I appreciate always when I get feedback on my artwork.

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Baby Girl

Beautifull picture....Love the Kitten too Five stars Five stars