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Trumoon's picture
Great draw,love the tones

Great draw,love the tones Big smile

pppman's picture
A Heavy metal

singer? Cool! Five stars

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

taiga's picture
nope :P

but a guitar player. cant help beeing a sucker for rock n roll. thank you for responsing my work! great day to you!


kutedymples's picture
Oh wow...

the hair is so soft and shiney, I love it. Very nice shading and lighting on this. Really good work. Laughing out loud

taiga's picture
many many thank yous to you

cant belive you are so talanted and productive! thanks for sharing so many of your artwork here!


ha55ha's picture
Great drawing!

Looks so alive! The hair, the skin, his expression. Five stars

taiga's picture
cool ha55ha :D

haha, thanx, though! tried to give damn in drawing, but.. i just cant.. Smile