“As you can see if you watch the replay i had some difficulty with the pose. Also decided halfway through that i wanted to draw in a reflection but i hadnt made the canvas big enough so just a small one there ...Still turned out pretty good overall.”
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the pose and everything is so georgeous! keep drawing! id love to see more!


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Just do your best.

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Thanks kute that's really encouraging, i love your gallery and i hope you don't stop drawing for turning pirouettes (feel free to do both at the same time...who knows what that might result in... ;D) Thanks for taking time to commetn Wink

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I have done the same thing plenty of times making my canvas too small after I get my drawing started. I think it is really pretty and you have done such a great job on it. As new as you are here at Queeky your gallery is filling up with some great pictures already. I really have always loved ballerinas, they make me wish I was a little girl again. I would have chosen a different path in life and have been a Ballerina. Thanks so much for sharing here, don't stop drawing I enjoy looking at your work!