Barbs Lilys

“My friend Barbara and her Husband John grew these fabulous Lillies in their garden, I was honored that she allowed me to use her photo as reference. Thanks Barbara, I hope you like what I have done with them.”
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I love it!


This is gorgeous!Smile

I can't, but I like to create.

Love what we do. Smile

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So very

good--as if I could reach and pick them Smile


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Thank you Susan, for applying

Thank you Susan, for applying your talent and skills for a beautiful rendering of the Lillies. They are gorgeous. Your abilities are awesome.

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Thanks babs!

I so fell in love with your Lillies as soon as I seen them, it was my honor to try to make them come to life with this drawing. I had so much fun drawing them. Hugs!

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Lovely work. Happy Easter

Lovely work. Happy Easter Kute!

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Thank you

Betty you are always so very kind with your comments and replies. Have a wonderful Easter as well!

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beautiful as ever K.

beautiful as ever K.